Why My Husband Still Works At Age 65

I’ve always pictured myself and my husband lounging and tanning under the sun on a beach somewhere in the Pacific or Caribbean.  It seemed a pleasurable thought for me and I would sometimes find myself daydreaming about the idea.

My husband and I had a talk once when we were having dinner. I asked him why he doesn’t quit his job. We are already in what people would say the golden years.  I told him we don’t have to till the soil because we would get compensation from the government. He gave me a smirk and gave me several reasons why he still keeps working.

Keeps him physically fit and mentally healthy.
Isolation can be miserable and he was afraid of age-related ailments like dementia. When he is at work, he is able to mingle with a lot of people and it makes him feel younger.  I rolled my eyes with the thought. I told him he had a point.  He also mentioned that he loves his job. He has been a teacher for more than he could remember. He told me he was more fulfilled doing and being able to do something a day than just dozing off the whole day.

The value of money doesn’t own him anymore.
He wasn’t concerned about the income, it was simply something he loved doing and could not imagine himself not getting up and going to work. I adored him with his statement. He is more dedicated than some of the younger generations are.

He also mentioned that delaying his social security payments for a bigger monthly check once he decides to retire was his ideal way of making life more satisfying. Retirement funds can go quickly. It seems like his way of not running out of money when he direly needs it.  He said that the senior age groups highly need medical expense coverage and that not everything is covered by medical benefits.

The fear of losing value of his properties and investments.
He told me he was also afraid of losing the value of his investments considering the volatility of the stock market. He said he was afraid that with a bad performing market, we may take a dip in the housing market. He also said that he had the option of receiving his pension while still working. He said he could retire and be hired again all the while receiving the pension and adding the funds to his retirement account.

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