Top Retirement Letdowns

Once we reach a certain age, we expect to retire from our position of employment and spend the rest of our years doing what we love. This could be retiring to a sunny area enjoying the beach and making new friends or finding time to spend with family members that just wasn’t there before. As a retired mom, I have found that being retired does have its ups and downs. While not having to work is great, there are aspects to being retired that are a total letdown.

Being Bored
I have found that I become bored quite easily. When I was working, I was to get up at a certain time and had somewhere to be. I worked for so many hours each day then rushed home to clean and prepare dinner, spending time with kids and family. Now that I do not have anywhere I have to be, I can spend my time cleaning the house and organizing things, but that only takes so long. I have plenty of extra time on my hands and have found that sometimes I cannot think of anything to fill that time with.

Just because I am not working does not mean family and friends are retired too. Those I would love to spend time with are busy with their own families or work. I often find myself with no one to spend time with so I am alone for the majority of the time. I do plan on going out and making new friends who are retired but have found that retirement often means you are by yourself, which then leads to even more boredom.

Less Money Than Before
When you stop working, you lose a source of income. For many people, retirement means that you have less money than before. Of course you can draw social security or have some type of retirement fund, but you do have to watch what you spend. This means you can’t just go out and do whatever you want. I have to be careful with my money since I do not have a steady stream coming in as I did when I was working. This being said, I often can’t go on trips or be able to go shopping like I would normally have done.

Learning to Live a Different Lifestyle
Going along with the less money category, I have to learn how to live my life differently. When I had money constantly coming in, I could go shopping, go to the movies, take a weekend trip, etc. Now that I am on retirement income, I have to watch what I spend. I have to live my life differently which has been a bit difficult. Many times, I would love to go shopping but just cannot spend the extra money. I have to budget everything I do so that I will have money to live off of for many years to come.

These are just a few of the downsides I have recognized when it comes to retirement. While many aspects are great, I do have realize that there are downsides to this new lifestyle.

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