Top Downsides to Retirement

I know most people are thinking that retirement is awesome and that it is what everybody needs. Most people think that retirement would be like having nothing to do but bask in the sun at a luxurious beach resort somewhere in the Bahamas. Oh, the feeling of just relaxing and watching the sky fly over your head while you are sipping on an ice cold drink listening to the waves breaking on a sugar white beach. It is like a dream come true. Well, in fact, it is a dream and it is certainly not true.

Although you could probably do it for a week or two, but after that reality will set in. And what would that be? Boredom. This is what kills most retired senior citizen. It is the lack of activity with which we can participate in. It is a fact that we would like to do so many things, but the fact of the matter is that we can’t. We are too old for active sports, we get too tired easily and there are a lot of medical restrictions imposed on us by our doctors.

Despite all of these, we can still have fun and make our retirement worth it all. Here are some tips you should consider if you want to make good use of your retirement.

Make your dream come true
If you had planned something in your childhood or in your youth wherein due to some circumstances you were never able to make them come true, now is your chance to fulfill them and chase after your dreams. If you have dreamt of seeing the world then go ahead. Remember you are already retired. You are no longer attached to any major responsibility with your family, friends and society. If you want to see a country and experience their rich culture, food and atmosphere then so be it. Go and take the time to see want you have always wanted to see.

If you have dreamt of starting your own vegetable or flower garden, then go on ahead and make one. If you want to design and make your own clothes then be my guest. During these times keeping yourself busy is important. And because there is not much to do when you are older, chasing after your dream seems logical and worthwhile.

This is the best time to show how much people meant to you

When we were busy working we didn’t really have time to spend quality time with our loved ones. Although we understand that what we did was for their good as well, we never really took the time to enjoy each other’s company. Sit down relax, talk about our plans and dreams and what makes each and every one of us happy. Cook some food and share it with everybody. A time where we leave any misunderstanding behind and just have fun. It is a great getaway from our daily routine which can be very boring at times especially if we don’t go out often.

Last but not the least, this is the time wherein we can sit back and pray. Praying is the best thing that we can do to relieve ourselves of the stress that we have been through. It can help us feel lighter inside and will make things a lot easier. Try it, you’ll see.

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