Top Common Elementary Mishaps

Some of the best days of our lives are had during grade school. Running around the playground, playing with friends, and swinging from the monkey bars are all an important part of the learning process. The same thing can be said of the mishaps or difficulties a child will encounter during their time at school. These include anything from physical injury on the playground, to trials and failures in the classroom. As a parent, knowing what to expect when it comes to these mishaps will prepare your family to make the most of them. Here are five of the top common problems:


Off limits – Venturing away from school grounds will of course be against any school’s policy. However, the more curious amongst us may not be able to resist a solo field trip down the street. Be sure to talk to your child about what to do under any situation where they are lost. For example, tell them to get help from local shops or institutions, rather than strangers. Explain to them the importance of sticking with the group while on field trips, and avoiding the trouble and stress of losing them.


Bullying – Bullying is often a very corrosive problem for children because it can go undetected by teachers and parents. Look out for any unexplained reluctance to head to school in the morning. In all of its forms, bullying will leave a child less capable of focusing in their classes, more insecure, and overall less happy. Ask your child questions, reassuring them that there is nothing wrong with letting authority figures like a teacher know about it.


Rejection – Especially for those kids that are new to a school, rejection from their peers can have a huge influence on their emotional outlook. Children who are dealing with this emotion will benefit from positive reinforcement at home, from guidance, and other methods of boosting self-esteem. In fact, rejection can be the perfect way to help a child develop emotionally. Rather than worry about your child, focus on the positives of overcoming the challenge. This positivity from you will rub off on them in a powerful way.


Hygiene– School is a place where the hygienic lessons you have taught your child are put to the test. Children can easily forget to wash their hands, shower properly, and cover their cough. This leaves them vulnerable to short-term illness. Short-term illness is a major cause of missing school. The importance of this issue is self-explanatory, do you want your child to be remain healthy enough to not only attend but excel in class? Remember, if your child does get sick, take action sooner rather than later to avoid further complications and more days away from learning.


The dreaded head lice – If you’re a parent, you’ll probably receive the notorious phone call from school letting you know your child has lice. It happens all the time. Thankfully, it isn’t nearly as dangerous as it is annoying. The unexpected pick up from school, the special shampoos and combing. It’s a mini nightmare. You could always hire a local service, how we did with the Las Vegas local lice removal specialist To prevent your child from missing too much school, act quickly and attack the lice on all fronts. This means chemical shampoos, washing and drying their sheets and clothes, and of course combing their head until you know it is over.

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