How to Embrace Old Age

Getting older has its perks. You get to retire from working and you get discounts when shopping! I love being retired but have seen many of my friends struggling with getting older. It seems once we hit thirty, we try to forget every birthday as we get closer to 40, 50 and then 60. Many people do not look forward to getting older, despite these being our ‘golden years’. It can be hard to see yourself transition from being young to being considered old. It is important for every individual to embrace old age and feel good about the many wonderful things that come along as we get older.

Let Go Of the Past
As we age, it can be easy to get distracted in what we used to be able to do. Perhaps you cannot move as quickly as you would like or you find yourself not being able to enjoy activities that you once did. This is normal but hard for many people to accept. Health can decline and we must learn to let go of the past. Embrace the future and what you can enjoy from it rather than focusing on what you are missing out on as you age.

Learn to Love Your New Life
Because your life will be different after retirement, you need to fully embrace it. It will be hard at first as you may easily become bored or find yourself missing your old lifestyle. Learn to love your new found freedom. Make new friends, go walking, enjoy the outdoors, and excel in new hobbies. You have all the time in the world to enjoy new things now! Take your time to find new ways to love your life now instead of becoming stuck, feeling like you are not who you used to be. Retirees can easily fall into a pattern where they feel useless or have nothing to do. Make yourself happy by enjoying new hobbies or finding new groups who share similar interests to spend time with.

Enjoy Sharing Your Wisdom
Because you are older, you have years of life experience. Share the wealth! Talk with younger people about your life experiences so they can learn from them. Talk about mistakes or what you might have done differently. You have lived these many years to be able to spread what you know to the world!
Getting older does not mean your life is over. It simply means you have had more years to enjoy it! Make the most of it!

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