Retirement (7)

Top Common Elementary Mishaps

Some of the best days of our lives are had during grade school. Running around the playground, playing with friends, and swinging from the monkey bars are all an important part of the learning process. The same thing can be said of the mishaps or difficulties a child will encounter during their time at school. […]

Top Downsides to Retirement

I know most people are thinking that retirement is awesome and that it is what everybody needs. Most people think that retirement would be like having nothing to do but bask in the sun at a luxurious beach resort somewhere in the Bahamas. Oh, the feeling of just relaxing and watching the sky fly over […]

Things People Don’t Know About Entering Retirement

As a retired working mom who empathizes with all other moms out there, retirement is not as easy as it sounds. Let me share some things people don’t know about entering retirement.   Retirement can be expensive.   The common assumption that health care expenses will be fully taken care of once a person turns […]

Top Retirement Letdowns

Once we reach a certain age, we expect to retire from our position of employment and spend the rest of our years doing what we love. This could be retiring to a sunny area enjoying the beach and making new friends or finding time to spend with family members that just wasn’t there before. As […]

How to Embrace Old Age

Getting older has its perks. You get to retire from working and you get discounts when shopping! I love being retired but have seen many of my friends struggling with getting older. It seems once we hit thirty, we try to forget every birthday as we get closer to 40, 50 and then 60. Many […]

The Road to Unprepared Retirement

Planning for retirement is a lot more difficult than planning your budget while still working. The main question is how long you will live and how much money will you need to cover for your future expenses (probably about 30 to 40 years more). For most people, this becomes a vicious cycle of procrastination, denial […]

Top Things I was Excited For Retirement

If you asked me years ago if I would be ready for retirement, I would probably have said no. I enjoyed working and it helped me have adult conversations and enjoy time away from home. As a mom, I needed the outlet of work to be a nice break from worrying about house work or […]