5 Things Small Businesses are Missing

Small business owners have both less and more power to influence their customers than the big guys. Although they may not be able to compete with the big corporate names on a global scale, they sure can beat them in their local markets. No matter how big or small the business, the growing importance of online presence is now the one thing that separates those who will sink from those that will swim. This article is all about identifying the things you could be doing online to help your small business. Just one of these methods has the potential to boost your market share, so listen up.

Presenting Qualifying Information – When it comes to small businesses, customers need to know 3 things: who you are, whether you are located near them, and whether you can provide what they want. This information should always be presented in a simplified and mainstream fashion at the top of your page. If someone is searching for a flower store in Manhattan that can deliver, they will need to understand this within moments of visiting your website. A failure to achieve this is nothing less than giving customers away to competition.

Becoming and Remaining a Search Result – In addition to turning website visitors into customers, qualifying information is crucial to achieving search engine optimization. This is because any specific service information or place names that are not visible on your home page will likely cause you to be invisible when those keywords are searched. Be sure to summarize all of your coverage areas and searchable service terms at the top of the page, while keeping longer more detailed lists for the bottom of the page.

 Market Differentiation – Identifying who you are and what you do is necessary, but rarely is it enough. A search for “Reliable Expert Architect in New York” is going to yield thousands of results. Just saying that you are reliable is not going to differentiate you from the competition. The key is that you communicate a standard above that of the competition without necessarily saying it outright. It should be clear that you are the best choice from the way content is portrayed on your homepage. This is where a little technology can help.

Video Advertising – Small businesses have much to gain from the rise in online video production team marketing because it is cost efficient, quick, and flexible. A video can convey the superiority of a product or service in just seconds. If shoppers come across 10 websites all claiming to provide a similar thing, but only one has a video showing how to use it, they are most likely to choose that one because they will feel more familiar with what they are about to buy.

Network – Social media and online feedback websites have made potential customers more entitled to prompt and impressive online service. In order to keep up with demand, you’ll need to establish a presence on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. This mean you can respond to both positive feedback and criticism, helping you improve your services while maintaining a strong network of clients.

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